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Michael Springer is a Minnesota native, graduate of Minnesota State University, former U.S. Navy line officer, and free-lance writer. He lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

New Release: Red Rover

Red Rover book coverA Nazi soldier is rumored missing from a Minnesota prisoner of war camp in RED ROVER, Michael Springer's long-awaited sequel to KAISER BRIGHTMAN 082314. RED ROVER is the fourth in a series of World War II adventure novels starting with THE BOOTLEGGER'S SECRET and MARK PENN GOES TO WAR.

It's the summer of l945 in New Bonn, Minnesota. Thirteen-year-olds Frank Warner, Jack Steiner, and Skeeter Stark are hanging out along the river across from an abandoned German prisoner of war camp on Muskrat Island. One PW was reported missing at final muster. The boys spot something red moving on the island, think it's the escaped PW, and raft over. While they search, their raft is set adrift, and they find a warning note signed, "Red Rover." A series of harassments follow, but Red Rover eludes them.

Frank's and Jack's dads have fought the enemy through Italy, France, and Germany, and now after V-E Day are stationed with the Seventh Army in Austria. They expect to participate in the upcoming invasion of Japan.

Skeeter receives a posthumous letter from his war-hero brother, Buck, which directs him to a treasure map he found before going overseas. The letter was passed on to Skeeter by Buck's Ranger buddy, Wayne Hill, who helps the boys unscramble the bizarre map.

After several near-misses, the boys confront Red Rover, whose identity and background are more bizarre than the map. Risking their lives, they solve the secret of the map, and discover that the word treasure has more meanings than they imagined. World War II ends as Japan surrenders. Frank's and Jack's dads come home for discharge from the Army. Life in New Bonn returns to normal. Or does it?

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"This is a nail-biter, edge-of-your-seat read that will keep you guessing to the end."

MapWith RED ROVER, Mr. Springer has written a worthy sequel to “KAISER BRIGHTMAN 082314.” He engages us from the beginning with Frank’s and Jack’s continuing concern for their dad’s safety overseas as World War II winds down. Somebody named Red Rover suddenly barges into their summertime lives. The large caves along the Minnesota River where the boys play, swim, and fish take on sinister meaning when they find a treasure map. This is a nail-biter, edge-of-your-seat read that will keep you guessing to the end. And it reminds us how kids entertained themselves back in the days before the introduction of all things electronic. Life was an adventure for the Franks, Jacks, and Skeeters of the 1940s, and it’s a joy to tag along as they solve another mystery. This novel, along with Mr. Springer’s first three, is the kind of story that entices youngsters (and this adult) into a permanent love of reading. These novels should be made into films by Disney.
– 5 Stars from Mary James

I’ve been waiting for RED ROVER, even before I knew the title. It’s the sequel to Michael Springer’s exciting third novel, KAISER BRIGHTMAN 082314.

Set in 1945 after V-E Day, RED ROVER features the further adventures of Frank Warner, Jack Steiner, and Skeeter Stark, a coming-of-age trio looking for excitement.

The German prisoner of war camp on Muskrat Island has been abandoned by the U.S. Army, but someone is still there. The boys raft over, and while exploring the camp, find that their raft has been set adrift. A warning note is signed, “Red Rover.” This Red Rover is a marvelous and unexpected creation.

To add even more suspense, Skeeter comes up with a weird treasure map left by his war-hero brother. As the boys solve the secrets of the map, they led this reader on some of the most harrowing literary experiences I’ve ever had.

All of Mr. Springer’s novels would make great films, or even TV series, and RED ROVER may be the best.

5 Stars for RED ROVER. It was well worth waiting for.
– Martin Knowles, retired Minnesota teacher

I saw the title RED ROVER in the library, and wondered how anybody could write a novel about a children’s game. What a surprise I got! There’s no mention of the game, and the idea is taken to a higher level. I won’t tell what Red Rover really means because it’s too much fun finding out for oneself.

To double the excitement, there’s also a treasure map that looks like one of Paul Klee’s paintings, and doesn’t at first make more sense. The three young boys who scramble through the book are red-blooded American kids taking time out from World War II on the Home Front to do what kids used to do.

Next, I’m going to pick up the prequel, KAISER BRIGHTMAN 082314. Now there’s another weird title. Wonder what it means?
– Five Stars from Sylvia Rumsfold, retired librarian


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As critic for Writer's Digest School, I see a multitude of work by new writers. As you well know, a high percentage of it is abysmal—without a coherent structure, lacking a plot that holds together, and offering one-dimensional characters.

Perhaps that's why I was so impressed with the book to which this letter refers. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mike Springer's manuscript. Kaiser Brightman 082314 is a solid, dynamic, and highly readable YA novel. Springer has put the required components together to make his novel work in his targeted genre, and I recommend it
without reservations.

Very truly yours,
Paul Bagdon

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